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I don’t have a picture of me with the band, but i have the album signed by them. (the ticket is signed by Glamour of the Kill). I’ve seen Escape The Fate a few times. They have been a band that has helped me through times where i was feeling down. Listening to the music they made just cheers me up and or helps me forget about things. The second time i saw them was when they did the Ungrateful tour. I was at the show and they started to play “This War Is Ours” (which is my favorite song by them). I was having a fun time and decided to crowd surf during that song i got on stage because they had no barriers. I got next to Craig Mabbit and he put his arm around me and me and him just sang the song together. I didn’t finish the song but when they got off the stage i managed to meet them after. I met Monte, Michael, and Tj who didn’t really say much. then i got to Robert who said I did great on stage and he thought i should’ve stayed up on stage and played with them. And then I got to Craig who told me i had great vocals and that I did a good job singing along with him. I didn’t get to tell them how the music helped me, but i did get to say that I didn’t think i sang well. But when Craig told me that he liked it, It made me happy. Now I don’t think badly of my voice/vocals, and because of that moment I’m one day going to get “This War Is Ours” tattooed on me for that being one of the best moments in my life.

Hey look the internet and Bryan Stars noticed me and my experience.






The man with metal blood.

Eric Virkeliglangtnavn of Norway is unique among the seven billion people on Earth: He likes Nickelback. No but seriously, he has fucking METAL BLOOD.

In normal blood, hemoglobin bonds with oxygen to carry it to cells. In Eric’s bloodstream however, hemoglobin is not present. Oxygen in his blood cells is instead carried by Gallium, which forms an identical bond. Scientists remain uncertain how Mr. Virkeliglangtnavn contracted the condition, but some theroize that his mother listened to Darkthrone while pregnant.

This is a picture of mercury flowing out of someone’s hand. Five seconds of Google people. Five fucking seconds.

The URL is literally facts I just made up did u even really have to google that

His last name translates to Seriouslylongname

Ah memories…

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